Satellite and terrestrial hybrid networks

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The second part of the monograph is dedicated to content-based networking, which is becoming increasingly popular driven by the pervasiveness of the Internet in everyday life. In this regard, applications to satellite communications are illustrated and the technical challenges to be further addressed are highlighted.

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Then, practical transmission protocols for global and local popularities under multimodal backhauling, mixture of satellite link and terrestrial fiber link, will be proposed. Moreover, we found that the bound was just the function of the HI level. For a geosynchronous Earth orbit GEO satellite, multiple beams are often generated through array-fed reflectors, which is more efficient than direct radiating arrays. The aggregate level of HIs affects the ceiling effect all on its own. In modern satellite communications, multibeam technology is widely used to increase the spectral efficiency, which should be taken into account in modeling the satellite channel.

Since their conception satellites have offered the promise of more capacity for terrestrial communication systems or to exploit their inherent multicasting and broadcasting capabilities. Recent advances in satellite technology have resulted in the integration of satellite and terrestrial networks to meet the quality and capacity requirements of modern day communication systems. Network and Protocol Architectures for Future Satellite Systems reviews the emerging technologies being deployed in the networking architectures being proposed in the framework of the Future Internet.

This is also the first monograph to review content-based networking extensively. This is becoming increasingly important driven by the ubiquitous nature of the internet. Applications to satellite communications are illustrated and the technical challenges to be further addressed are highlighted. Home Subjects Journals Books Packages.

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- Satellite and Terrestrial Hybrid Networks (Iste) by Pascal Berthou

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This book offers the reader the keys for a successful understanding, integration and usage of satellite systems in addition to next generation. Summary This chapter begins by explaining several hybrid scenarios in which the satellite plays a technically, economically and socially, useful.

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