Reconstruction in Philosophy

Reconstruction In Philosophy
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Invention and industry, along with new political ideas and economic modes of organization, moved nations into spectacular new developments. Unfortunately, there was a very dark side to the shapes assumed by the Modern world.

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By the time Dewey revised and enlarged his book, we had experienced two tremendously destructive world wars. If philosophers had kept up somewhat with the conceptual challenges of rationalizing science, they had not seen the need of a revolutionized philosophical methodology when it came to the future needs of understanding human and social problems.

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Instead, as explained in his first chapter, philosophy had continued to merely rationalize and systematize poetic and mythic materials that the Modern world would make even more hopelessly out-dated. The fundamental problem in philosophy, in Dewey's view, is the attempt whether conscious or unconscious to restore the security of absolutism that is a regular trait of all antiquated mythic tradition.

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Mythic traditions were modernized and carried forward in the major religious systems. As religious skepticism and reformation occurred, moral, social, and political content had to be defined and defended in new ways and metaphysical systems were created to carry that burden. These systems simply installed new kinds of absolute concepts and essences; the security of moral sentiments seemed in tact.

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The modern reconstruction of philosophy begins in Kant's attack against metaphysics but Kant's work continues the absolutist past through its heavy emphasis on "pure reason" and his concepts of a priori synthetic knowledge, that is, necessary knowledge about the world. Alas, in the end, Dewey believes, we must give up all of these devices of absolutism, certainty, and security.

Reconstruction in philosophy.

Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Reconstruction in Philosophy Paperback – October 31, American educator and philosopher JOHN DEWEY (–) helped found the American Association of University Professors. Plato: Five Dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo (Hackett.

The issue for humans is the exercise of intelligence and not the need to be wired into any system of absolute reality or truth. But man lives in a world where each occurrence is charged with echoes and reminiscences of what has gone before, where each event is a reminder of other things.

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Hence he lives not, like the beasts of the field, in a world of merely physical things but in a world of signs and symbols. A stone is not merely hard, a thing into which one bumps; but it is a monument of a deceased ancestor.

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A flame is not merely something which warms or burns, but is a symbol of the enduring life of the household, of the abiding source of cheer, nourishment and shelter to which man returns from his casual wanderings. Instead of being a quick fork of fire which may sting and hurt, it is the hearth at which one worships and for which one fights.

Preludes to Pragmatism: Toward a Reconstruction of Philosophy

And all this which marks the difference between bestiality and humanity, between culture and merely physical nature, is because man remembers, preserving and recording his experiences. The revivals of memory are, however, rarely literal.

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Claire Broad. Instead, as explained in his first chapter, philosophy had continued to merely rationalize and systematize poetic and mythic materials that the Modern world would make even more hopelessly out-dated. Mortimer J. Reconstructed experience is no mere distraction or salve to help humans bear quotidian stress, but the result of accumulated knowledge and energy with which we intelligently go to work reshaping the world according to desire. A Course in Meditation. Nassim Nicholas Taleb. History of Western Philosophy.

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