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Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”
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So when Russian astronomer Leonard Elenin first spotted Comet Elenin late in , the doomsday theorists hit the Internet.

The armchair astronomers predicted everything from earthquakes and tidal waves to a full-on collision with Earth between August and October This was despite the fact that the comet was some million kilometers million mi from Earth when it was first spotted. NASA astronomers assured the world that the comet posed no threat to life as we know it. According to their leader, Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, on that date, his followers were to be transformed into magical beings that would fly and walk through walls.

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The cult leader claimed he was a reincarnation of Jesus , a fact which was revealed to him through talking to the prophets. Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda turned 66 in Advertising billboards were erected to proclaim the date on which his followers would be taking over the world.

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As usual, July 1, , arrived without incident. According to some scholars, the ancient Maya calendar indicated that the end of the world was coming shortly before Christmas Misinterpretations of the ancient calendar suggested that it ended on December 21, , signaling the end of time. Once again, the Internet was flooded with theories of galactic collisions that would mark the end of the world on that date. Yet again, NASA scientists were quick to debunk the doomsday theories, seeking experts to explain the complexities of the Maya calendar. The Maya perception of time was infinite, and therefore their calendar could not be said to pinpoint a specific date in time or be read in the context of our modern calendars. NASA was so confident that the Earth was safe that they issued their press release a day early. As was the case with the previous predictions, the world continued to turn on December 22, Grigori Rasputin was a holy man most famous for his connections with the ill-fated Russian Royal family.


A partly effaced coat of arms within the book suggests that it was created for an aristocratic couple in Normandy, the wife apparently a member of the de Montigny family. Clark notices Milton Fine and says that he is the reason. Back at the Kent farm, Clark is talking on the phone to the nurse who is taking care of Lana. A lot turns on the answer. The four years since he rode that golden escalator into our national consciousness have often been described as "polarizing," and that's not wrong. While Wall Street isn't worried Trump's job is in jeopardy, many are warning their clients that the impeachment inquiry could mire trade policy. The boosters predicted that thousands of autonomous vehicles would be on the road this year.

These, however, may have been more of an astute understanding of the political turmoil of the time than any mystical revelation. Christian pastor Mark Bilz predicted that a series of eclipses in would mark the beginning of the apocalypse, while John Hagee, author of Four Blood Moons , also suggested that the string of blood moons would mark the end of the world.


Both these predictions attracted wide attention, with some people actually hoarding supplies in preparation for the impending apocalypse. Here are the Ukraine events that led to the Trump impeachment Health and Science read more. Jamie Dimon says US trade deal with China 'unlikely' before Finance read more. US new home sales increase more than expected in August The housing market, the most sensitive sector to interest rates, has perked up in recent months in response to a sharp drop in mortgage rates.

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