Granada 1492

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A society that had often seen Muslims, Jews, and Christians interacting positively had ended.

Granada War

Rediscovery of the richness and positive cultural exchange of Moorish Spain before , known in Spanish as convivencia, may provide clues on how contemporary multi-cultural societies can deal with the challenges of pluralism and of peaceful co-existence. In C.

In an eight year campaign, most of the Iberian Peninsula was brought under Islamic rule. The Moors then ruled in the Iberian peninsula, except for areas in the northwest such as Asturias, where they were stopped at the Battle of Covadonga and the largely Basque regions in the Pyrenees, and in North Africa for several decades.

Though the number of "Moors" remained small, they gained large numbers of converts.

End of days

The Granada War (Spanish: Guerra de Granada) was a series of military campaigns between On January 2, , Muhammad XII of Granada (King Boabdil) surrendered the Emirate of Granada, the city of Granada, and the Alhambra palace. The Emirate of Granada also known as the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada was an emirate In January Muhammad XII of Granada, the last Nasrid ruler of Granada, formally relinquished his sovereignty and surrendered his territories to .

Indeed, it was part of the outward expansion of the Islamic world that was informed by the conviction that the whole world should be subject to Islamic rule and to the divine law of Islam. However, the actual story of the invasion is more complex.

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Students and tourists from around the world guarantee a multicultural environment , besides an efficient tertiary sector oriented to welcome participants with a smile and the traditional Andalusian warmth. A few days later the explorers sail on. The province of Granada offers a wide range of stunning landscapes: Granada lays at the feet of Sierra Nevada, famous for its prestigious Ski station and trekking itineraries such as Los Cahorros, Monachil. Spanish and Portuguese ambassadors, meeting in at Tordesillas in northwest Spain, resolve the dispute. This is the dilemma already imposed by the Spanish Inquisition in on the Jews. The reconquest has been completed with the capture of Granada. Spanish Wikisource has original text related to this article: Tratado de Granada.

The Visigoth King, Roderic, had raped the daughter of one of his Counts, Julian, who, in secret, approached the Moors and pledged support in the event of an invasion. Jewish advisers also accompanied the invading force. The academies in Moorish Iberia were among the leading centers of scholarly excellence in the whole of Europe and attracted scholars from the University of Paris , from the University of Oxford , and from elsewhere, as well. The Moors excelled in city planning; the sophistication of their cities was astonishing.

Reconquest of Spain

Cordova boasted hundreds of Mosques , public baths, some 80, shops, houses with air-conditioning, street lighting, beautiful landscaped gardens, and the largest library in the world at that time, containing , volumes more than "all the Libraries of Europe. Intermarriage was common. All studied together in the academies. Arabic works—some originally translated from Greek—were rendered into Latin and some of the greatest Christian and Jewish scholars of the day gathered in Andalusia.

Concerted efforts by Spanish Christians to recapture Andalusia began to break up the Muslim territory as cities were regained one by one. Barbastro fell in Toledo fell in , and with this victory, impetus was given to the notion of a "crusade" to capture Jerusalem, inspiring the First Crusade , proclaimed ten years later. Although the Spanish conquistadors were never technically crusaders, they were depicted as such in the legends that grew up around the reconquista, such as the Song of Roland and the story of El Cid.

By C. After this, the Muslim presence was confined to small enclaves or city-states known as Taifas, the most important of these being Granada, which was the last to fall. Since the spring of , Granada had been all that was left of the former Moorish state, when the Spanish forces of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella laid siege to the walled city.


After several attempts to disperse the besiegers had been defeated, Prince Boabdil, the Moorish ruler, attempted to raise support from the Islamic Marinid state in Morocco. He negotiated a four month truce with the Spanish whereby he would surrender if no help was received by the expiry of the truce. This failed to materialize and, on the agreed date, the city capitulated.

It is said that Boadbil then knelt before King Ferdinand, on January 2, , to surrender the key to the city, provoking his mother to rebuke him with the famous words, "You weep like a woman for what you could not hold as a man.

Granada 1492: The Twilight of Moorish Spain (Praeger Illustrated Military History Series.)

Granada still celebrates January 2, which is traditionally also a day of mourning within parts of the Muslim world. The legends that developed around the re-conquest depicted the series of battles in terms of light verses darkness, good verses evil, with the Spanish representing the first and the Moors the second. Georgia votes to ratify the U.

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Isabella of Spain and the Reconquest of Granada

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